Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Birthday Outfits From Daytime Chic To Sexy Bombshell Night Out

My Daytime Birthday Outfit:

My Daytime Birthday Outfit:

*Jacket (My Online Boutique I'm Launching)
*Tank (Forever 21 not recently)
*High Waisted Harem Pants (Forever 21 not recently)
*Suede Loafers (Nordstrom)
*Bag (Chanel)
*Watch (Invicta)
*Mystic Fall Earrings (Jewelmint)

My Night Out Birthday Outfit:

My Night Out Birthday Outfit:

*Blazer (My Online Boutique I'm Launching)
*Bustier Top ( not recent)
*Bodycon Skirt (Topshop)
*Pumps (Christian Louboutin)
*Bag (Chanel)
*Watch (Invicta)
*Krishna Diamond Earrings (Jewelmint)

My Birthday Makeup Looks From Day To Night

My Birthday Outfits From Daytime Chic To Sexy Bombshell Night Out

Hi fabulous people!

On Saturday September 10th I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my better half, my wonderful husband. I started off my day by heading to the spa to get a massage, facial, and pedicure, then I came home and to get dressed, went to get my nails done, and went shopping. I stopped by my favorite stores in NYC and Soho, then we went to one of my favorite restaurants for brunch, Pastis. After a day of shopping we came home and I got dolled up for my birthday dinner at TAO. We had amazing food and great conversation. My husband, family, friends, and wonderful YouTube and twitter family really made my day super special! It feels so good being another year older, I learned a lot about people and also myself this past year. Every year I look forward to my birthday. I am not one of those people who is enamored with being young forever and afraid of growing old, I actually look forward to getting older because with age comes more life experience and also more wisdom. I have accomplished a lot in my 23 years old life and I look forward to watch the future has in store for me, my wonderful husband, and our families.

Thank you again for all of the birthday wishes, I truly appreciate them. I also want to wish the other Virgos a Happy Birthday as well!

Thank you so much again for stopping by!

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Ms. Billingslea said...

Happy Belated Birthday fellow virgo!!! My birthday was September 12 and I turned 23 also.

Nappyhead said...

fabulous bday outfit..ur blazers are too die for..j'adore <3

Lala said...

happy birthday girl.
wish you all the best :)

and you looked amazing !!!!

Kamayi said...

Im gonna eat ur beauty BIG SMILE
Ur skin is flawless

K.M. said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fabulous!! I love the night outfit :)

Naturally Fashionable said...

Very the red skirt with the white blazer!

I BLEED PINK said...

You always look so put together, which I love.

Happy Birthday.

Sing said...

Awesome news on the boutique. That blazer is dope.

Aggie602 said...

Aw you look beautiful in both looks and I am so happy for you about your boutique launching I cant wait you have great style and love your videos too. Glad you had a great time on your bday too the people you spend it with are what matters.

Dani*LaLa said...

I always love your looks and you looked gorgeous.

I'm not a Virgo more of a Gemini but shout out to my '88 babies =)

Tiffany said...

Happy belated birthday! I love your channel, twitter and blog! Be Blessed!

FOXY ET AL..... said...

You look fab as usual


Chantel said...

Happy Birthday my fellow virgo, my birthday was Sept.8 and I turned 25, I love both of your outfits, they are gorgeous! I am in love with your shoes <3
xoxo, Chantel

Jessica said...

i am in love with the night time outfit hair and makeup!!
its looks so flawless!
you are gorgeous!!!!

chanille88 said...

Wow you were stunning! the second outfit were gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Happy birthday! i loved both of your outfits!

dANiT~ said...

Happy Birthday to you (belated anyway) lol I knew it was something about you...(as you share the same birthday with a woman I admire so much... my mother) PS I feel old now didnt know you was so young!! lol

Shopping Bag Full Of Dreams said...

I LOVE your blazers,
theres a little blog award for you over on my blog if your interested :) xx

Adele said...

Hope you had a great birthday! You look so great your make up is always perfect! I will hype on lookbook!


Cheap Chic said...

Amazing Birthday Oufits, hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Raquel C. said...

You are so pretty.. Love the the looks and the blog *

Vicki Joi said...

Love your Bday Looks!! Happy Belated Virgo!!

hayley86bright said...

Your 2 outfits are lovely your blazer and red skirt are amazing and you look beautiful. Happy belated bday xx

Sd said...

both outfits are stunning! u look great hun

Kristie said...

Love the outfits!! And especially the jackets. Will you have them in plus sizes also? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the style!

JustPatience said...

You have amazing style. Love love your blog. Am a new follower.


merve said...

happy belated bday!!!
great blog!! ♥

cocobloggers said...

i like both your outfits...but i'm in looove with the night one...u are so beautiful!!love your following you!!!

Dylana Suarez said...

Girl, you look so beautiful!


The Tame Lion said...

Classy! Fabulous!

Cherrie J. said...

You look stunning!! Happy Birthday. I cant wait for your online store to launch. I love the blazers that you have on in both looks.


Sherri said...

Happy Birthday! You're so pretty! You remind of someone from ANTM but I forget her name. and I love stripes.

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

Maggie ☮ said...

your night time wear is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!hope you had an absolutely amazing! :)

Brytani Sierra said...

That striped jacket is KUTE!! I like the whole outfit but that jacket is calling my name lol